Courses Taught:

Introduction to Sociology (UW Oshkosh, FIU, LVC)

Basic Ideas of Sociology (FIU)

Sociology of the Family (UW Oshkosh, USF, LVC)

Inequality in a Global Society (USF)

Research Methods (UW Oshkosh)

Sex, Race, & Gender (UW Oshkosh)

Social Statistics (USF, Texas A&M Commerce)

Social Problems (LVC)

Sociology of Health (LVC)

Intercultural Communication (LVC)

Anthropology & World Cultures (Texas A&M Commerce)

Graduate Courses Taught:

Intersectionality (USF)

Literature Review and Research Techniques (Online TAMUC)

Online Courses:

Sociology of the Family (FIU, UW Oshkosh, TAMUC)

Basic Ideas of Sociology (FIU)

Urban Sociology & Anthropology (TAMUC)

Introduction to Sociology (UW Oshkosh, LVC, TAMUC)

Anthropology & World Cultures (TAMUC)


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