Publications and Works in Progress

Manuscripts at Peer Reviewed Journals

Meszaros, Julia. 2021. “The Manosphere, International Dating and the Crisis of Access” AG About Gender: International Journal of Gender Studies 10(19): 199-222.

Meszaros, Julia. 2018 “Race, Space and Agency in the International Introduction Industry: how American men perceive women’s agency across space” Gender, Place and Culture 25(2): 268-287.

Meszaros, Julia 2017. “American Men and Romance Tourism: Searching for Traditional Trophy Wives as Status Symbols of Class Privilege” Women’s Studies Quarterly 45 (1 & 2): 225-242.

Meszaros, Julia and Christina Bazzaroni. 2014.  “From Taboo to Tourist Industry: The Construction of Interracial Intimacies between Black Men and White Women in Colonial and Contemporary Times”, Sociology Compass 8(11): 1256-1268.

Book Chapters

Meszaros, Julia. 2020. “Commodification of Intimacy and Sexuality” in Companion to Sexuality Studies, Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, edited by Nancy Naples. Wiley-Blackwell.

Meszaros, Julia. 2017. “Marriage Migration as a Pathway to Citizenship: Filipina brides, economic security, and ideas of global hypergamy”, Pp. 23-29 in Gender, Migration, and Citizenship: revisiting Southeast Asian international marriages, edited by Ascuncion Fresnoza-Flot and Gwenola Ricordeau. New York: Routledge.

Meszaros, Julia. 2014. “Romance Tourism: the Ultimate Emotions Industry”. Pp. 25-42 in The Emotions Industry, edited by Mira Moshe. Nova Science Publications: Hauppage, NY.

Book Reviews

Meszaros, Julia. 2014. Leisure and Tourism: Cultural Paradigms edited by John Dodd and Veena Sharma in International Sociology March (29): 154-156.

Encyclopedia Entries

Meszaros, Julia. 2019. “Gender Oppression” in the Gender and Sexuality category of the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Second Edition Edited by George Ritzer.

Manuscripts Under Review

“The Hyper-Heterosexual Imaginary” Submitted to Sexualities (2/21)

Manuscripts In Progress (Abstracts and Drafts Available Upon Request)

“I think he is using the Islam card: 90 Day Fiance and the Perceived Authenticity of Cross Border Relationships” with Dr. Zachary Palmer


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